Can You Freeze Stewed Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is one of those fruits that people either seem to love or hate. It’s sharp, tangy taste can’t be a little tart for those with a sweet tooth but it doesn’t have to be this way! A little sugar goes a long way and rhubarb stewed with a little sugar and spice is a beautiful way to eat your rhubarb.

At the end of summer, any gardener can tell you it’s easy to end up with an abundance of rhubarb, far more than you can eat! Stewing rhubarb is a fantastic way to prep the fruit but can you freeze stewed rhubarb and extend its shelf life even further?

You absolutely can freeze stewed rhubarb, it freezes well and there is no reason not to! Then whenever you fancy a pie or crumble then you can grab some prepared rhubarb out of the freezer and turn it into a lovely dessert for the whole family to enjoy.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through this article to answer some of the most common questions people have when it comes to freezing stewed rhubarb:

How To Freeze Stewed Rhubarb

To freeze stewed rhubarb, you need to stew it first. If it is stewed the right way, you will be balancing its tart flavour out with a little sweetness. Here’s how to stew and freeze it so that it’s ready to eat anytime you need it:

  1. Add a little water or orange juice to a pan and let simmer. Add fresh rhubarb into the pan and sprinkle some sugar on it. Make sure to remove all its leaves and to discard them or use them as compost. The leaves contain high amounts of oxalic acid and are poisonous if ingested.
  2. How much sugar you add depends on how tart you like it. If you have a sweet tooth, 15 to 30 grams of sugar should balance the tartness out for you. If a slight bitter tartness is your go-to flavour profile, a little ginger or cinnamon can add some depth to your stew.
  3. Keep it simmering until the rhubarb is tender to feel. Taste it to see if it needs more sugar and adjust it as you need.
  4. Take it off the stove and allow it cool completely.
  5. Pour the stewed rhubarb into freezer bags or airtight containers. Seal well and leave no air inside. Place it in the freezer.
  6. If you are using a freezer bag, here’s a handy trick for you. Push a straw into the bag opening leaving half poking out. Seal the bag with the stewed rhubarb tightly around the straw. Use your mouth to pull out any excess air and remove the straw carefully to seal the whole bag tight.

We’re always looking for the best freezing options for you. For hassle-free freezing, make sure you portion the stewed rhubarb into bowl-sized amounts. Freeze these separately, and be sure to label them, so you know how much time you have to consume them.

How Long Can You Freeze Stewed Rhubarb?

A good rule of thumb for stewed rhubarb is that you can freeze is successfully and without too many problems for up to about nine months. Some recipes mention that you can freeze it for a little longer, up to twelve months and it is likely that it is safe to do so.

But it is worth bearing in mind that the longer you leave your rhubarb in the freezer, the more chance it has to have problems like freezer burn.

You Can Freeze Stewed Rhubarb for Around 1 Full Year

How Do You Defrost Stewed Rhubarb?

How you defrost your rhubarb will depend on how you plan to use it. If you are planning on throwing a handful of stewed rhubarb into a fresh juice or smoothie then you might want to keep it frozen. Just throw it into the blender with the rest of your ingredients and blend!

If you want to dd it to a pie or crumble or even to eat as a dessert on its own and paired with custard then you will want to defrost it. The best way to do this is to take it out of the freezer and pop it into the fridge to defrost for several hours. If you can get it out of the freezer before you go to bed so that it has all night to thaw out before you plan to use it.

Can You Refreeze Stewed Rhubarb?

Fresh stewed rhubarb can taste like a piece of spring in your mouth all year round. Yes, frozen and defrosted type can replicate this for you. However, we are not huge fans of refreezing it.

Refreezing can tamper with the freshness, discolour it and make it lose its cellular moisture. Instead of reminding you of refreshing spring, refrozen rhubarb will most likely just put you off.

Defrost it just once and finish it all. You can keep it refrigerated for about a week in the fridge if consuming it immediately seems like a task.

Does Stewed Rhubarb Freeze Well?

Stewed rhubarb freezes so well that you can enjoy it tart and fresh in the middle of grey winters. Simply put, yes! It freezes very well and stays fresh for over a year. If frozen well, it will remain fresh for much longer.

Assuming you’ve not loaded it up with sugar, you can defrost it for a boost of nutrition anytime you like. Layer it on your muesli for a fresh breakfast or make that decadent meringue cupcake a little less sinful and that much more delicious by scooping some cold stewed rhubarb on it.

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Can You Freeze Stewed Rhubarb and Apples?

If you want to add a little kick to your rhubarb then you can add other flavours and fruits such as apple. The great news is that most fruits can also be frozen, especially once they have been stewed so if you are wondering if you can freeze stewed apple and rhubarb, the answer is yes!

All you need to do to freeze your stewed apple and rhubarb (or any other fruit for that matter) is to follow the same method outlined above.

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