Can You Freeze Red Wine?

Want to know if you can store red wine in the freezer for cooking? Unsure if it’s safe, whether it’ll work or how to do it? Then let’s find out:

Red wine can be frozen for up to 3 months. If you cook with red wine often but don’t drink it, then freezing red wine in ice cubes can ensure you always have a supply for flavouring stews, soups, sauces and gravy.

Can You Refreeze Red Wine? No

Does Red Wine Freeze Well? Sometimes

How to Freeze Red Wine

If you want to freeze red wine correctly and safely, then follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Decide Portions
    Decide whether you want to freeze your red wine in small tablespoon portions or larger quantities. If opting for small quantities, then grab an ice cube tray. If you want larger quantities, then get a suitable plastic container.
  2. Fill Container
    Fill the ice cube tray or container with the red wine – ensuring you don’t fill it to the brim as it will expand slightly when freezing.
  3. Seal
    Place a lid on the container if you have one. Then wrap it in a layer of clingfilm to avoid any unwanted red wine leakages.
  4. Freeze
    Finally, place the container into the freezer to freeze red wine. 

Suppose you tend to use larger quantities when cooking dishes such as Boeuf Bourguignon, then freeze the red wine in larger containers.

If you like adding just a small amount to add richness to soups or stews, then the ice cube tray approach works great.

Just make sure they’re well sealed as you don’t want the red wine leaking throughout your freezer, turning everything crimson red.

3 Tips for Freezing Red Wine

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing red wine to have the best results:

Consider Quantities
It’s important that you consider how much red wine you normally use when cooking so that you can use containers of a suitable size. 

Don’t Drink
Frozen red wine is not something you will want to drink. It will be fine for cooking and will add richness and body to stews and sauces, but it will taste slightly different. 

Don’t Defrost
If using cubes of frozen red wine, then you can drop these straight into a pan and heat over a low heat to thaw.

How Long Can You Freeze Red Wine?

Red wine will keep for approximately 3 months in the freezer before you need to use it up. Make sure you’re able to mark when you first froze the red wine so you can keep an eye on when it’ll expire.

After 3 months, it’ll become slightly acrid and bitter, so it would be best to avoid using it in your cooking – especially if you don’t want to ruin your dinner.

You Can Freeze Red Wine for up to 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Red Wine?

The even better news is that you don’t need to defrost it. As already mentioned, you’re not freezing the red wine to drink at a later date (we’d advise strongly against it if you actually enjoy wine).

Instead, you’re going to be using it in your cooking.

Whether you’re knocking together a hearty stew or putting together a jus or gravy, you can toss a cube or two of your frozen red wine straight into the dish and let it melt away.

Remember, it still contains alcohol, so you’ll need to give the frozen red wine time to defrost and then burn off the alcohol as you normally would avoid leaving a bitter taste in your dish.

Can You Refreeze Red Wine?

We would not recommend refreezing red wine. The only exception is if you have used frozen red wine in a cooked dish such as a casserole. You can freeze the resultant casserole that contains your previous frozen red wine without issue. 

Does Red Wine Freeze Well?

When it comes to drinking red wine, there is absolutely no question about it. Frozen red wine sucks.

Having said that, when you are using red wine in cooking, you burn the alcohol off to leave behind the rich, fruity notes of your wine – this is when frozen red wine is perfect to have.

Related FAQs

If you’ve still got questions about freezing red wine or red wine in general, then these may help:

Why Freeze Red Wine?

I know what you might be thinking… Why, oh why would anyone want to freeze red wine? Surely you open the bottle and finish it, right? But there are actually perfectly good reasons why you might want to freeze it.

Let’s assume you’re cooking a beef ragu, and it calls for a glug of red wine. You head down to the supermarket, buy a bottle you wouldn’t normally drink because it’s cheap, and you throw a glug in when the recipe calls for it…

Well, what do you do with the leftovers when you don’t fancy drinking them. You freeze it, of course.

Can You Freeze Red Wine Gravy?

Red wine gravy can be frozen in much the same way as the method outlined above. Decide on the portions of red wine gravy you need, find a suitable container and freeze it in portions.

You will need to thaw it overnight in the fridge by reheating it over a low heat. 

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