Can You Freeze Panettone?

Panettone is the ultimate Italian Christmas treat. But if you have opened one and don’t want it to dry out or if you have been bought a chunk of them then you’ll want to know how to store them for the long term.

Can You Freeze Panettone? Yes, you can freeze panettone. It can be frozen for around 3 months. You can freeze the panettone whole or in slices. The method is similar for both approaches, you simply need to wrap it in cling film and then store it in a sealed, freezer bag.

Can You Refreeze Panettone? No

Does Panettone Freeze Well? Yes

How To Freeze Panettone

When it comes to freezing, you gave a couple of options. You can freeze the whole panettone if you know you want to defrost and use the whole thing in one go over Christmas.

However, if you would prefer to thaw out and use a few portions at a time instead, then we will take a look at how you freeze panettone in portions too.

Let’s take a look at how to freeze panettone:

How to Freeze Whole Panettone

If you have a whole, uneaten panettone and know that, in future, you’ll want to defrost a whole panettone then this is the method for you to use:

  1. Allow it to Cool
    The secret to keeping frozen panettone as fresh as possible in the freezer is in the wrapping! So, make sure your panettone has cooled completely if you have baked it at home and then grab some cling film.
  2. Wrap
    You need to wrap the entire panettone in cling film. Wrap it at least twice to keep the air from getting at the panettone.
  3. Wrap Again
    Add a third layer of tin foil. This helps keep it a little fresher in the freezer.
  4. Label
    Label with the date and name to know exactly what is in the freezer and when it needs using by.
  5. Freeze
    Pop into the freezer and freeze.

How to Freeze Slices of Panettone

If you have leftover panettone or are unlikely to eat a whole panettone then this is the method to go for when freezing panettone:

  1. Slice
    Slice your panettone into thick slices. Thick slices will freeze better than thin slices.
  2. Wrap
    You need to grab your cling film for this one too. Wrap each slice a couple of times to keep them airtight. Even if you know you want two or three slices in one go, it is best to wrap them individually. This makes it much easier to use the panettone and stop the pieces from sticking together.
  3. Place into a Bag
    Pop your wrapped slices of panettone into a freezer bag. Seal the bag tightly and label with the date and contents.
  4. Freeze
    Pop the bag into the freezer and freeze.
Freeze Panettone Slices

3 Tips for Freezing Panettone

Now you know how to freeze panettone, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing them to have the best results:

Consider Portions
If you’re a big family or are having a family get together, then you might consume a whole panettone, so it makes sense to freeze it whole. However, if you know you’ll only eat a slice or two then take the time to slice it up and freeze in portions.

Double Wrap
To protect the panettone from the elements as much as possible, it’s a good idea to double wrap it in both cling film and foil.

Toast from Frozen
If you have cut your slices small enough, you can toast them using the defrost function of your toaster. This will give your crisp, crunchy panettone that will be begging for some butter.

How Long Can You Freeze Panettone?

Like most bread and cake-based products, you can keep panettone in the freezer for around three months. After this date, the panettone should still be safe to eat, but it is unlikely to taste as good, and you do run the risk of it going stale.

If there are signs of spoiling when you take the panettone out of the freezer, then you should be safe and throw it away.

You Can Freeze Panettone for Around 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Panettone?

To defrost panettone, the best option is to take it out of the freezer and either pop it into the fridge or on the kitchen counter to thaw out. If you have chosen to freeze a whole panettone, this could take several hours.

If you have chosen to freeze slices of panettone, then you may not even need to defrost it at all. These slices taste delicious when toasted so you can take a slice out of the freezer and pop it straight into the toaster or under the grill.

Before long, you’ll have delicious panettone that is crisp and tasty as a snack or even for a treat at breakfast.

This isn’t a food we would recommend that you microwave to defrost. This can cause the texture of the cake to become moist or even rubbery if you overdo it.

Can You Refreeze Panettone?

Panettone is one of those foods that freeze reasonably well the first time but doing so again is likely to change the texture too much, and it could even make the panettone stale or spoil.

For this reason, we wouldn’t recommend that you refreeze panettone and you use it up instead!

There are some great recipes out there that can make use of leftover panettone. You can make a great bread and butter pudding or turn it into a delicious alternative to a crumble topping.

Does Panettone Freeze Well?

How well panettone freezes will depend on how well you wrapped it before freezing. Any air getting to it might make it stale in texture and taste.

You may find that it can become a little moist due to the water content freezing and then thawing, but you can always crisp it up in the oven, under the grill or even by popping slices into the toaster.

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Can You Freeze Panettone Cake?

Panettone is a bit of a mixture between bread and cake, but if you have a panettone cake, then you will be glad to know that you can freeze this using the same methods outlined above.

Can You Freeze Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding?

Bread and butter pudding can actually be elevated by using panettone instead of plain, white bread slices. Prepare your pudding as you normally would, then wrap the dish in clingfilm and store in the freezer. It’s that simple!

Can You Freeze Panettone Dough?

If you’ve made your own panettone but don’t want to bake it all then the good news is that you can also freeze panettone dough. Portion it out, place it into airtight containers and seal before freezing.

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