Can You Freeze Food in Parchment Paper?

Knowing what food you can freeze is only part of the story. You also need to know what materials are suitable for the freezer and what should be avoided. So can you freeze food in parchment paper or is it unsafe in the freezer?

The Quick Answer

Yes, you can freeze a variety of food in parchment paper safely. Parchment paper can also be used to prevent food items from sticking together in the freezer.

Can Parchment Paper Be Used in the Freezer?

Parchment paper can be used in the freezer to protect a variety of food items. It can also be used to prevent foods from sticking together such as between hamburger patties, fish cakes or fillets of fish.

Most parchment paper products sold in the supermarket contain little to no chemicals that could seep into foods.

The drawback with parchment paper is that it won’t stick to itself (like foil or cling film). Instead, you’ll need to wrap your food in parchment paper and then use a piece of tape to seal it tight. Because of this, you’ll need to use a few layers to ensure you get a tight seal.

The alternative method is to wrap your food in one layer of parchment paper, seal with a single strip of tape and then wrap your wrapped food in an extra layer of foil to provide it with added protection from the air and the elements in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Meat in Parchment Paper?

Provided that you can wrap it tightly then parchment paper can be used to freeze meat. The best approach to take is to wrap each, individual portion of meat in its own sheet of parchment paper before writing on the outside of the paper.

Once you’ve wrapped each portion of meat, place these parcels into one large freezer bag so they’re kept together in the freezer.

When sealing the bag up, remove as much air as possible. You want to squeeze all the air out from the bottom to the top as if you were vacuum sealing it. This will protect it from freezer burn and from drying out.

Can You Freeze Meat in Parchment Paper

Will Meat Stick to Parchment Paper in the Freezer?

Parchment paper tends to have a non-stick coating and will therefore not stick to meat.

This is also why parchment paper is a great way of keeping meat products frozen in the same place without them sticking to another. If you want to freeze beef burgers, for example, then you can layer the patties up with a sheet of parchment paper between each one.

Can You Freeze Fish in Parchment Paper?

Like meat, fish can also be stored in the freezer using parchment paper.

If you have fillets of fish, then line a Tupperware container with parchment paper before placing fillets in one layer. Once you have completed the first layer, cover with parchment paper and repeat with another layer and so on.

This method will prevent the fillets from sticking to one another making it easy to grab one or two at a time.

Is Parchment Paper the Same as Freezer Paper?

Parchment paper and freezer paper are not the same. There are some key differences.

Freezer paper was made for one place: The freezer. One side of the paper is standard, plain paper. The other side is coated in plastic. This plastic layer protects the food from getting freezer burnt. It is vital that this plastic layer is touching the food and not on the outside.

Foods stored in freezer paper tend to last longer in the freezer without drying out versus those foods wrapped solely in parchment paper.

Alternatives to Parchment Paper

If you haven’t got parchment paper to hand or would prefer to not to freeze food in parchment paper then there are 5 alternatives to that are worth trying out:

  • Wax Paper – Unlike parchment paper which is covered in silicone, wax paper is unsurprisingly covered in wax. This can be used as an alternative to parchment paper when storing things in the fridge but wax paper tends not to freeze as well as parchment paper.
  • Freezer Paper – Freezer paper is made for the job (unsurprisingly). One side is coated in a plastic layer. This plastic side goes against your food and protects your food from freezer burn.
  • Foil – Foil works well in the freezer as it’s easy to wrap around food items to provide a tight seal. This is especially important for meat, fish and cheese which are easily impacted by freezer bag. Air getting in will dry the food out, ruining the flavour.
  • Cling Film – Much like foil, cling foil works well as it’s easy to seal tightly around food items. You can even use a mix of cling film and foil to provide double protection.
  • Freezer Bags – If you’re freezing pieces of marinated chicken, marinated beef or fish then good-quality freezer bags can work a treat. Provided that they’re thick with a solid seal then freezer bags can be a very convenient way of storing food. When sealing, make sure you remove as much air as possible.


You can safely freeze food in parchment paper without any problems. If you can wrap food multiple times then it will work particularly well.

When freezing any food, it is vital that you keep it airtight. Air can cause freezer burn and can lead to your food drying out which can cause flavour loss and major changes to the texture.

If you want to be on the safe side, then try wrapping food in multiple layers of different products such as a layer of parchment paper followed by foil. If you’re going to freeze food in parchment paper then it can also be a good idea to place the wrapped food into a thick freezer bag.

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