Can You Freeze Pork Crackling?

The best part about a roast pork dinner is without a doubt the cracking. Crispy, tasty and satisfying this treat adds so much to your plate.

Perfect crackling isn’t easy to make so if you have a batch of perfect cracking that you just know you can’t eat all of it what do you do with it? You could refrigerate it for a couple of days but what about freezing? Can you freeze pork crackling?

The Quick Answer

Can You Freeze Pork Crackling?

You can freeze pork crackling for around 2 months. However, it isn’t the best food in the world to freeze. Freezing will add moisture which can ruin the texture of your pork crackling. But you can freeze pork crackling if you’re careful.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through this article to answer some of the most common questions people have when it comes to freezing pork crackling:

How To Freeze Pork Crackling

In order to freeze your pork crackling successfully, you need to make it as airtight as possible before putting it into the freezer. You want to avoid any air getting to it otherwise you could end up with a freezer burn taste that would ruin the overall taste of the crackling. Other than this freezing your pork cracking is fairly easy. Just follow this method.

  1. Cool
    Take your crackling off the pork joint and leave it to cool completely.
  2. Wrap
    Wrap the crackling in cling film. Use a couple of layers to ensure it is wrapped tightly. Add a layer of foil to protect it further.
  3. Bag it Up
    Pop the crackling package into a freezer bag and seal tightly. The bag helps provide extra protection but it also makes it easier for you to label and put the pork crackling in the freezer neatly.
  4. Freeze
    Label with the date and pop it into the freezer to freeze.

How Long Can You Freeze Pork Crackling?

We would recommend that you only freeze your pork crackling for up to two months. This isn’t something that freezes particularly well and the longer you leave it in the freezer the more chances there are for the crackling to degrade and become too moist to recover when it comes to reheating.

You Can Freeze Pork Crackling for Around 2 Months

How Do You Defrost Pork Crackling?

Pork can be a difficult meat to handle especially when it comes to thawing it out either for cooking or reheating. This is because of the bacteria that is contained in the meat and you need to take care not to keep the meat at room temperature for too long because this is the temperature that bacteria is most likely to thrive and grow.

For this reason, we would suggest that the best way to defrost your pork crackling is in the fridge. This allows the crackling to defrost but it keeps it below room temperature.

So take your crackling out of the freezer and put it into the fridge to defrost overnight.

Can You Refreeze Pork Crackling?

The short answer to if you can refreeze pork crackling is, no you can’t.

Pork is a type of meat to be careful with and if you freeze, thaw and heat then cool again you are allowing it lots of opportunities to grow bacteria that can make you sick. If you can’t use up the crackling within a day or two or defrosting then you should throw it out rather than taking the risk.

Does Pork Crackling Freeze Well?

No, pork crackling doesn’t freeze well.

When you freeze they gather in moisture which takes away the best part of crackling, the crisp as you bite into it. You can help with this by popping the crackling back into the oven when it has fully thawed out and crisp it back up but this may not result in the perfect crackling you would have had if the crackling was fresh.

Other Questions about Pork Crackling

Below are a few of the other common questions we have come across when it comes to pork crackling – some related to freezing and some not. If you’re still sat there with a question or two about pork crackling then drop a comment at the bottom of this article and we’ll aim to help out as much as possible.

Can You Freeze Beef Dripping?

You can freeze beef dripping and other meat juices and fats fairly easily. We would recommend doing so in an ice cube tray. This allows you to easily freeze manageable portions that can be grabbed as and when you need them from the freezer.

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