Can You Freeze Mulled Wine?

Have you got leftover mulled wine after the festive season? You are not the only one!  Mulled wine is often made in really large batches which can make it very difficult to use it all up before it goes bad.

You might be wondering what on earth you do with all this leftover mulled wine. Do you let it go to waste? Or maybe you are wondering what else you can do with it? If you could store it wouldn’t that be just perfect! Can you freeze mulled wine?

Mulled wine can be frozen for up to 6 months. Alcohol does not freeze well especially when the alcohol content is high. Fortunately, mulled wine isn’t high in alcohol so will freeze well.

Can You Refreeze Mulled Wine? No

Does Mulled Wine Freeze Well? Yes

How To Freeze Mulled Wine

Freezing mulled wine isn’t a difficult process. Your best choices are to divide it out into portions and freeze it in the perfect sized portions so that you can grab out just the amount you need.

How to Freeze Leftover Mulled Wine

If you want to freeze large portions of mulled wine for enjoying as a drink in the future then this is the approach to take when freezing it:

  1. Grab Bags
    To start with, you will need to ensure you have enough freezer-safe containers with lids, some liquid safe freezer bags or some high-quality freezer bags and some large containers you can put in the freezer to keep the bags upright until they are frozen.
  2. Label Now
    Label the bags or containers with the date and contents. With liquids you plan to freeze, you need to do this before filling the bags as it is very difficult to do so afterwards with the content sloshing around.
  3. Portion
    Ladle a portion of mulled wine into each container. Make sure you leave some space at the top of the container so that the wine can expand as it freezes.
  4. Seal
    Seal the containers tightly. If you are using standard freezer bags then you will need to add a second bag and ensure you keep the bags upright at all times. It can help to stand them up in containers until the contents are completely frozen. You don’t want to flood your freezer with mulled wine!
  5. Freeze
    Pop the containers of mulled wine into the freezer and freeze.

How to Freeze Mulled Wine to Make Slushies

In order to make slushies and blended mulled wine treats you will need to freeze the wine in smaller portions. Ice cube trays are perfect for this:

  1. Pour into Ice Cubes
    Grab some ice cube trays and pour the mulled wine into it. You will need to leave a gap at the top to allow the mulled wine to expand.
  2. Flash Freeze
    Pop the trays into the freezer to freeze.
  3. Portion into Bags
    When the mulled wine has frozen completely you can take the ice cube trays out of the freezer again. Transfer the ice cubes from the tray into a freezer bag.
  4. Seal
    Seal the bag tightly and label it with the date and contents.
  5. Final Freeze
    Pop into the freezer until you need them.

When you want to make your mulled wine slushie, you can grab the ice cubes out of the freezer, put them into a blender and blend until you have the texture you prefer. Delicious!

3 Tips for Freezing Mulled Wine

Now you know how to freeze it, we’ve got our 3 top tips which we strongly recommend following when freezing mulled wine to have the best results:

Reheat With Extra Spices
If you’re looking to enjoy mulled wine as a drink after freezing it then add some extra spices when reheating it to give it some oomph. Try adding orange zest and cinnamon sticks. 

Make Mulled Wine Lollies
Make your mulled wine, pour it into ice cream mulled and set. An interesting and adult twist on mulled wine and ice lollies. 

Create Mulled Wine Concentrate
Instead of freezing ready-to-go mulled wine, try reducing the wine right down until you have a syrup. Freeze this and you’ll have a concentrated cube of mulled wine flavour. You can then water this down with water when you want to reheat it. 

How Long Can You Freeze Mulled Wine?

Whilst it isn’t easy to find information on how long you can freeze mulled wine specifically, you should be able to freeze it for about as long as you can freeze any wine which is for about six months.

Using it before this ensures you get the best quality wine without too much quality and taste deterioration! After this, you should throw any unused mulled wine away just to ensure you don’t use it after its use-by date.

You Can Freeze Mulled Wine for Around 6 Months

How Do You Defrost Mulled Wine?

As mentioned earlier you can use mulled wine ice cubes to make yourself a mulled wine slushie. If you are doing this then you don’t need to worry about defrosting it at all, Just pop it into the blender and blend.

Another way you can use mulled wine ice cubes is to add flavour to your food. Again if you are doing this then you don’t need to defrost the mulled wine. You can add the ice cube to the recipe and defrost and heat up at the same time.

Easy and quick!

If you do want to use your mulled wine in the traditional way, then you can either pop a portion into a saucepan and defrost and then heat up on the hob on a very low heat.

Alternatively, you can put the mulled wine into a bowl and put it in the fridge to thaw out overnight before reheating.

Can You Refreeze Mulled Wine?

Once you have thawed out your mulled wine you should NOT attempt to refreeze it.

It is likely by this time you have already reheated it and all this heating and cooling can have an effect on the wine. It can deteriorate it, and it could even spoil, so it really isn’t worth the risk.

Does Mulled Wine Freeze Well?

On the whole mulled wine does freeze well.

We can’t say that there will not be any change. There can be a change in the flavour after freezing but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it.

If you are using it in cooking or as a slushie then you are even less likely to notice any change in flavour so these are fantastic methods for using up any leftover mulled wine.

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Can You Freeze Red Wine

Some people may turn their nose up to the idea of freezing red wine but it’s actually a great way to have a ready-to-use supply for sauces and cooking.

No, you won’t want to drink it. This is especially useful for cooks who do not actually drink red wine.

Buying a whole bottle when you only need a third of it can become expensive so being able to freeze it is a great way to save money in the longer term.

You can freeze red wine in much the same way as mulled wine. Simply portion into thick freezer bags or an ice cube tray, and freeze.
Freeze Red Wine

Why Does Wine Freeze But Vodka Doesn’t?

This simply comes down to alcohol content. Alcohol will not freeze unless you have an industrial blast chiller than can drop to temperatures far lower than your standard domestic freezer.

Vodka contains a far higher percentage of alcohol and, therefore, will not freeze as well as wine which has a far lower percentage of alcohol.

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