Can You Freeze Marshmallow Fondant?

Fondant icing, also commonly referred to simply as fondant, is an icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries.

An alternative to fondant, is marshmallow fondant which has a much softer texture, unsurprisingly tastes like marshmallows and is typically easier to work with which makes it preferable for amateur cake decorators.

You can also easily make this fondant at home, and if you do, is there a way of preserving it so that you can make a large batch you can use over and over again?

Can You Freeze Marshmallow Fondant?

No, you shouldn’t freeze marshmallow fondant although some say that you can freeze it. All fondants will react badly to any moisture, and should marshmallow fondant come into contact with the moisture inside the freeze, the texture could be severely impacted. 

Can You Refreeze Marshmallow Fondant? No

Does Marshmallow Fondant Freeze Well? No

Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Marshmallow Fondant

Moisture is the enemy of any fondant, as any water droplets that could form on the fondant or in the container that it is kept in, will damage the structure and texture of the fondant.

Therefore, neither the fridge nor the freezer is a good option to preserve marshmallow fondant.

When placed in a moist environment, marshmallow fondant can get damp which will cause it to develop a somewhat slimy outer texture and it could destroy the integrity of the fondant which would make it very difficult to work with in the way that you need to. 

How to Store Marshmallow Fondant

In order to preserve the softest, fluffiest marshmallow fondant, you need to be able to store it correctly.

The best way to do this is to roll the remaining marshmallow fondant into a ball or log shape and cover the outside of it with a thin layer of white vegetable shortening. This will protect the fondant from drying out and being crumbly when you come to use it.

Then place the marshmallow fondant in a container that you can keep airtight. Seal the lid, label the container if you so wish, and then keep the container of marshmallow fondant in a dry, preferably dark place ensuring that it is kept at room temperature. 

If absolutely necessary, you can store it in the fridge but you must ensure that the fondant is completely airtight.

It may be worth wrapping the container in an additional layer of cling film to prevent any condensation. The shortening around the fondant will also prevent any condensation from getting to the actual fondant; it should just roll off the shortening as the fat will deter the water droplets. 

When it comes to reusing the fondant at a later date, take the fondant out of the container, wipe off the shortening and knead for a few minutes to soften. It will then be as good as new and you can roll it out to use as a decoration for your cake. 

Does Marshmallow Fondant Freeze Well?

Freezing or even refrigerating marshmallow fondant is not a good idea as it will expose the soft, fluffy fondant to a moist environment where the texture could get damaged and become unusable.

Instead, keep the fondant as dry as you possibly can, out of the way of direct sunlight and at room temperature. In these conditions, the marshmallow fondant will last for a good few weeks, even months. 

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