Can You Freeze Macarons?

Macarons are a deliciously sweet treat, but they are notoriously tricky to make successfully. Even if you have made these tasty desserts a hundred times successfully, there is still a chance that it will go wrong. Understandably, if you are making these for a special occasion, this can cause anxiety and problems. To get around this many people ask, can you freeze macarons?

You can freeze macarons which means that you can make a batch ahead of time and freeze them ready for a special occasion. If like us, you love macarons then you can also just always have a batch on hand in the freezer for those days you fancy a sweet snack.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through this article to answer some of the most common questions people have when it comes to freezing macarons:

How To Freeze Macarons

You can choose to freeze macarons either filled and fully prepared or unfilled so that you can add the final delicious touches on the day you need the macarons.

How to Freeze Macaron Shells

Macaron shells are delicate, so you do need to be a little careful to ensure they don’t get crushed in the freezer, but you can freeze them well if you follow this method.

  1. You will need to grab an airtight container. You could use freezer bags, but you run the risk of damaging the shells while they are in the freezer. To ensure you don’t have this problem, it is best to pick a container with a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Let the baked macaron shells cool completely before freezing.
  3. Once the shells have cooled then stack them gently into the container. If you want to ensure they don’t stick together, then you can place a small square of parchment in between each shell.
  4. Pop the lid on and label the container with the date and the contents of the container.
  5. Put the macaron shells into the freezer and freeze until you need them.

Can You Freeze Macarons with Filling?

If you want to freeze macarons fully prepared with filling, then you can do this too. Some fillings will freeze better than others so check your chosen fillings to see if it can be frozen or not. Fillings might include ganache, lemon curd or just whipped cream.

If you are ready to freeze your filled macarons, here is how!

  1. Bake, prepare and fill your macarons as usual.
  2. Next, you need to pop them into the fridge for between 12 and 24 hours. This is because the flavours will mature during this time and be a much tastier treat when you defrost them later. Check your filling is suitable for this before doing so. Some fresh fillings might need to be frozen right away.
  3. Grab an airtight and sturdy container and stack the macaron’s neatly inside.
  4. Seal the container tightly and label it with the date and contents.
  5. Pop the macarons into the freezer carefully. Macarons are delicate, and they can break easily, so keep the container upright and place it somewhere it won’t fall or get knocked in the freezer.

How Long Can You Freeze Macarons?

You can ensure that your macarons taste at their very best once they have been defrosted by thawing and eating them within a month. After this time, the delicate flavours and texture can degrade. You could even end up with freezer burnt macaron’s which would destroy the delicious flavours and light, fluffy textures.

If you need to, you could get away with freezing safely for up to three months, but the taste may change slightly after a month.

You Can Freeze Macarons for Around 3 Months

How Do You Defrost Macarons?

Defrosting macarons is super easy, but it will take a few hours to thaw completely. All you need to do is take them out of the freezer and then pop them into the fridge, keeping them in the same container they were frozen in. Then let them thaw out overnight or for a few hours before serving.

This same thawing method can be used for both filled macarons and the shells only.

Can You Refreeze Macarons?

We wouldn’t recommend that this is a treat you try and refreeze. Macarons are delicate and can be quite finicky to work with! Whilst they freeze the first time brilliantly around if you attempt to freeze more than once then you may find that the texture degrades too much to be enjoyable.

Do Macarons Freeze Well?

Macarons are one of those wonderful baked goods that freeze beautifully, and if you have a batch made and ready to serve to guests, you are sure to impress. Nobody will know the difference between fresh and frozen!

You can freeze these fully prepared with filling, although this will depend on your chosen filling. The best fillings to choose are ganaches or buttercreams. Fresh creams will not freeze as well. If you want to use fillings that don’t freeze well, then this is no problem. You can prepare the macaron shells in advance and then freeze them. Then when you defrost, assemble with your filling and decorations and server! Delicious and impressive!

Other Questions about Macarons

Below are a few of the other common questions we have come across when it comes to macarons – some related to freezing and some not. If you’re still sat there with a question or two about macarons, then drop a comment at the bottom of this article, and we’ll aim to help out as much as possible.

Can You Freeze Laduree Macarons?

Laduree macarons might be the pinnacle of macarons in the world, but that doesn’t make them any less suitable for the freezer. Yes, a connoisseur might criticise your decision to freeze Laduree macarons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t.

Can You Freeze Laduree Macarons

Can You Freeze Macaron Batter?

This is not something we would recommend, unfortunately. If you were to freeze macaron batter, you’d end up losing a lot of the air you’ve worked so hard to build into your batter which is likely to leave you with flat macarons when you come to baking them. Instead, we would advise baking them before placing them into the freezer.

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