Can You Freeze Honey?

Honey is one of nature’s greatest gifts. It’s an all-natural sweeten packed with goodness and flavour. There’s a reason it’s called liquid gold after all!

But perhaps you’ve been gifted multiple jars for your birthday or have simply got carried away at a foodie fair so want to know: Can you freeze honey or not?

No, unfortunately, honey does not freeze. Although it is safe to place honey in the freezer, it won’t actually become solid and you’re unlikely to extend its shelf life which is already extensive. Instead, keep it in a dark, cool cupboard.

Can You Refreeze Honey? No

Does Honey Freeze Well? No

Honey does not freeze. If you have pure, unfiltered honey, you’ll have zero chance of freezing it.

Even if you place it in a freezer at -20c (roughly the lowest temperature you’ll get from your home freezer), all you’ll do is make it slightly thicker. It won’t completely freeze, however.

You can, of course, freeze plenty of products with honey in whether that’s ice cream, cakes or desserts.

Does Honey Freeze Well?

It doesn’t freeze at all. There’s simply no way to get it to freeze completely. Once placed into the freezer, there is a chance it will thicken up.

In fact, some parts of the honey will freeze solid. However, when you tilt the jar, you’ll still have some movement and the honey will very slowly flow. 

Remember that honey will store in the cupboard safely if it is kept away from major temperature changes and bright lights. In fact, honey is the only natural food that won’t go off! 

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Does Honey Go Off?

Honey is one of the only products in the world that doesn’t actually go off. This is the main reason why its inability to freeze is actually irrelevant.

Honey can sit in your cupboard for months and years and the flavour won’t be affected and it’ll remain perfectly safe to eat.

Do remember, however, that it can crystallise. This is no cause for concern and shouldn’t mean you need to throw the honey out.

How Do You Decrystallise Honey?

If the honey has crystallised then simply remove the lid and place it into a pan then fill with water about two-thirds of the way up. Place the pan over a low heat until the honey has returned to the perfect consistency.

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